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Are you currently running coffeeshops, restaurants or bakeries? Do you use more than 50kg of coffee beans a month? Are you curious about coffee roasting? If you ticked all of the above, perhaps it's time to up the game and start roasting your own coffee. It's not just fun and fascinating, in the long run you will also have better control of your coffee quality, reduced cost of goods and ability to create coffee by-products! 

The world can be scary sometimes. Especially when you venture into the unknown and unfamiliar territory. We were also overwhelmed when we first started getting into the business of coffee back in 2013. Our founders have immersed in coffee trading, operating coffee roastery as well as managing coffeeshop since then. Coffee Marketplace is created to share the experiences gained over the years to allow everyone to get into the business of coffee roasting. 

Through Coffee Marketplace, we provide services to minimise the amount of time and money you'd spend on trial and errors. These are:

  1. Roastery setup consultation. Your first roasting machine can be as small 50g although typically people opt for 1kg as a start. Consultation includes which type of roasting machine to purchase according to your budget, setting-up to get the machine working with either LPG or natural gas intake, performing a few roasts to get familiar with the machine. 
  2. Consultation on creating your own roasting profile including cupping and espresso tasting. Having a great understanding in roastery operation will save you a lot of money, time and effort. 
  3. We also provide OEM roasting services for those who prefer to buy their own greens but without the hassle of running a roastery. If you opt for this service instead please contact us!